Bike fitting is the harmony between rider and bicycle where we strive to achieve the most powerful, efficient and comfortable riding position. A proper bike fit has more to do with the saddle, handlebars, brake levers and hoods, stem and, most importantly, shoes, cleats and pedals.

Is a Bike fit for me?

Bike fitting is not new, a few years ago, being able to reach the floor whilst standing over the bike was acceptable, this is not how it is done anymore, thankfully!

Bike fitting has become an essential for cyclists and Triathletes who have spent money getting their dream bike, only to find that they aren’t getting the most out of it.  Triathlon Bike fitting is imperative for those looking to stay in position for endless hours during a race. tri online have BikeFit qualified staff offering some of the best advice around.

Your Fit

Whether you are new to cycling and want to have a comfortable and efficient set up, or you are a seasoned Triathlete looking to achieve an aerodynamic and powerful position and still be able to get off the bike and run, we can offer a fit to suit you.

Every rider is very unique, we ask every client to fill out a pre fit questionnaire giving us previous medical & cycling/triathlon history, as well as any issues or concerns they currently have. Flexibility, age, injuries, goals, body type and many other factors make up the unique Bike fit.

We use a multidimensional approach that looks at every aspect of the cyclist and their connection to their bike. We look at the foot-pedal interface to ensure that your cleats are positioned correctly, rotated to suit your feet or if any cleat wages are required and If the pedals are spaced correctly.

We look at the length of stem, saddle height, fore and aft position of saddle, handlebar position and rotation.

All the time we make these adjustments, we are ultimately looking for you to remain comfortable, whilst some adjustments may feel strange at first, this may well be correcting a problem that you have had for years and are completely unaware of it.

We make use of cleat wedges, shims, insoles and many more tools and tricks that we have tweaked over our bike fitting careers to provide the most comprehensive and effective fitting service.

Whilst Video technology is useful and can allow you, the rider, to see what is happening as we change different positions, it is an enhancement and we are not led by this alone. Taking manual measurements is more accurate and can allow us to identify any issues.

Bike Fitting Packages

We have a range of options depending on your own personal circumstances.  Please contact us directly on 02393 96 4010 or by emailing

Note for Triathletes

Being in a low Aero position, doesn’t always mean that you will be quick, as you could well be losing power. Staying in the tuck, down on the TT bars for hours means you have to be comfortable, aero, keep power constant and run at the end. So during the fit we look at your position and then we work with you to ensure that you are not in too much of an aggressive position.

Jo is a Physiotherapist and Sprint Triathlete and has a great understanding of the anatomy and uses this to great effect whilst analysing a clients existing issues and making any recommendations.
Jez is the more technical one who has had a love of bikes since a child but decided to enjoy his early life with food & drink! Now coming back in to Cycling/Triathlon, has fallen back in love with the fresh air and loves riding out in the countryside.

About us

We wanted to offer a personalised, friendly Bike Fit Service so we chose to complete the BikeFit fitting course. BikeFit is the one of the oldest systems in the world and we were lucky enough to be trained by Paul Swift, the founder. It incorporating views from front, back and side, based on angles and alignment instead of using just a formula.

Whilst many Bike Shops do a great job of getting the right bike for a customer (Bike Sizing), we understand how to fit it to the rider and take into consideration how the bike will be used and how to get the best out of the bike.

We work closely with Sports Massage Therapists and Physiotherapists so if you do have an injury we can recommend someone who may be able to help you.